A September for Me

It’s really easy for me to see someone’s business goals and help them along the way. Sometimes this desire to help clients and their goals clouds my own because I get so excited with their goals I forget about focusing on my own.

I’ve been slowly, carefully, cautiously filling out the beautiful @powersheets by @cultivatewhatmatters all year and as i’m already getting the pre-launch info for 2019 I’m left wondering if I’ve really focused on what I wanted in 2018.

Calm and Confidence and Going With the Flow have been the mantra this year, and it’s been headed (most days – sorry mom). But what if I changed it up a bit? What if I focused on my goals instead of JUST @simplyelaboratehq ones.

Super tough for me to look at because so much of my life is making websites, making online businesses, making things happen – for other people.

Every month, my #powersheets have been filled with OTHER PEOPLE’S GOALS (their websites being complete) so THEN I can live my life. Which kind of just seems effed up. A lot effed up since my whole business mantra is to free up space in your life in order to focus on things you like.

So this month, it’s me. It’s all about me. You know what my biggest goal of the month is?

WALKING for 30 minutes a day because that’s how sedentary my life has become because I live off a screen.

And I guess writing more, which I have accomplished today. ?