About Us

It’s an interesting (and kind of long) story – of how we met. When we’re asked in person, I honestly feel like the person asking immediately regrets it because it’s not a simple answer. 

I’m a researcher. I always have been.

Some of you will read that and interpret it as “I’m an internet creep. I always have been” and you wouldn’t be wrong. I have a love for computers (obviously) and I’ve been sharing my life on and off, online for over 16 years so I know my way around the internet.

I like answers to things and I don’t like waiting to have the answer told to me – I go search it myself. Helllllo Google.

At my first desk job out of University, I started thinking about who I could creep and find on Facebook because I was bored at work.  The idea sparked, and I remembered about a girl named Ashley that I’d scooped ice cream one summer at my first job at the Georgian Grill. What ever happened to her, I thought? And so, I creeped.

I found out she had an Account Executive position and at our ages I thought that was impressive. We chatted, I told her how I’d always wanted to work at a magazine too, and fast forward three weeks – I had a job offer at Where Calgary magazine and started planning the move.

I had a plan, I knew the head office was in Toronto and thought – this is one year position – enough time for me to get in with the company and transfer over to the head office once done.

I was the link between Calgary and Toronto – I spoke with numerous people (via email) all day, every day. B was one of them. He controlled the money that I needed to organize to my sales representatives. He also never answered my phone calls. Or my emails. He didn’t like me much. I wasn’t too keen on him either.

Nonetheless, after four months, I added him to Facebook. I had a plan, remember. I added him and the other 6 people I communicated with through email all the time because it was all networking. Had to have my connections on the inside when I transferred offices, of course.

That never happened.

Instead I started Simply Elaborate and never took a desk job again (although I miss that place most days).

I continued sharing my life and goals, aspirations and photos and one day I was moving – and I needed help.

Moving day was the day after my birthday, on a Wednesday and I everyone I knew was working. I made the call on – you guess it – Facebook and B responded (along with a ton of super amazing friends) and asked the details, because he’d love to come help.

I thought is this guy for real? Who helps strangers move? But I gave him the details and on the day of – he showed up (late, of course) and the first thing I had him move was a drawer of my unmentionables from the basement apartment up three flights of stairs to my new place across the street.

All my friends who came to help asked who this guy was, never heard of him, or seen him before and I shrugged my shoulders – just a guy I knew from work a long time ago – no big deal.

I’d ordered pizza for everyone and remember sitting on boxes while we all ate and I was telling some stupid story and I couldn’t concentrate because every time I looked his way – he was paying attention so intently I was unearthed.

It was the first time we’d met, spoken to one another in person, or even in a personal capacity.

Afterwards, now that B had my number, he wrote to say thanks for the “Thank you for helping me move” cookies and slowly we began texting here and there.

Finally, we met again for dinner two months later, where I couldn’t figure out if we were on a date or not – but B made me a mix tape with jazz Christmas songs to play as ambiance music in the new apartment and my heart melted and I decided we were.

I liked him and after a month, he finally kissed me and I knew he did too. Ensue the “awwwwwws”.

It’s such a small tidbit glimpse into the interlaced lives we’ve created. Our initial meeting and dating felt so surreal and magical, and now looking back so I can write this – it’s really nothing compared to what we’ve been through since – and what we will together in the future.


It took a while, yes (everyone kept asking) but after 3.5 years, B asked me to be his wife, his partner and continued love and the choice was simple – yes.


Professional photography by Tamara Lockwood