and then there were two days left

So, clearly I had visions that weren’t exactly met with this blog. Writing almost daily, learning, providing tips to other entrepreneurial brides were just some of the reasons I wanted to start this – still do. Still have the list I’ve been adding to, and adding to, ready for fabulous topics after the wedding (when this blog will be turned into The Entrepreneurial Wife and there will be other reasons and excuses I probably won’t write in it all the time).

I’m lying in bed, the last night in my bed as a “single woman living in sin” and I have a cat at my feet and a sleeping fiancé beside me. On Sunday night, nothing will have changed about this setting except for the extra ring I’ll have on my finger and a paper signed. And yet – it’ll all be different.

I will get to be wife to the man I’ve loved since the day he took me to dinner and brought me a mixed CD.