budgets + business

It’s been a crazy few weeks and it’s only just recently hit me that this wedding is like … a few months away and I still haven’t managed to fill out the “love story” section of this website. Oops. But things are happening.

Pretty much a week after the proposal, I realized I wanted to go on a honeymoon where I could relax, and not worry about project managing my projects at home, our team, or most importantly – sales. And so, just as committed as I’ve been to being able to make an amazing, beautiful and decadent wedding style (um, thanks Danielle), I’ve been committed to completing a new product I’ve been working on for Simply Elaborate for about …. two years?  I’ve had the plan, the outlook, the direction – but clients always came first and the program got pushed back.

With my personal life becoming the forefront this year, with the planning and the questions, and the attention – I’ve realized just how much I’ve spent my 20s worries about getting to this point: spending my life with someone. Seeing as how I pretty much figured and knew B was the one after dating for about 2 months, I can’t help but wonder – what the eff has been happening with my business for the last 3 years then? I’m trying not to scold myself too much about it though (not being where I assumed I would be by now) – as I know, it’s brought me here and I’m honoured.

So much is happening, so much is pretty exciting and I know in my heart it’s right and that’s what is maybe the most exciting thing. I have a direction with the business I’ve never felt before with a feeling of success I’m know I’m working toward because I know I’m creating something really great for people.

On the personal front, with my sister’s baby shower done and a complete success, she’s already in bridal shower mode. In an attempt to do as much as possible before the baby comes, she’s already purchased the favours as they’re *custom made* and have a long lead time.  We’re so excited – a Winter theme bridal shower – so different.

And then the bachelorette (at a spa, I can’t drink for long anymore) that should probably get on moving on there. Lists, lists and more lists is really what I feel like my days consist of. But I’m so excited and feel good about it all – so nothing feels like work.

This coming about a week after we had our initial budget meeting from all the vendors for the reception – and let me tell you – that hit like a ton of bricks. I know it’s initial and the price will go down as we cut unnecessary items, but from the total total, it’s never going to go down to where I’d like it. Anyone need a website in exchange?! The reality of weddings in 2017. When we were planning my sisters things seemed expensive then, but they were never this expensive. It’s been two years, not 10 – what’s happened?

What I do feel great about, is that we’re doing something different with traditions and I feel very fortunate that I can, and more comfortable about the day as a whole (despite my online life, both B and I don’t do too well with the centre-of-attention in person factor).

One of the things I’m most pleased about? My usual printer ordered in special paper for me (I bought a pack of 325 quantity sheets of 24×24 inches of shimmer pearl paper) and I get to design all the invites exactly the way I want it, give him a call and have them printed within 48 hours. Now that’s service. And I bought font.

Those of you who know me, know how imperative that was.