A September for Me

It’s really easy for me to see someone’s business goals and help them along the way. Sometimes this desire to help clients and their goals clouds my own because I get so excited with their goals I forget about focusing on my own. I’ve been slowly, carefully, cautiously filling out the beautiful @powersheets by @cultivatewhatmatters all year and as […]

How Secure Are You in Your Job?

If you don’t understand what someone does with their working days, between the hours of 9-5 or 9-9 or 5-9, then don’t judge it and relish that it’s not your business. It’s 2018, and things are changing, things have been changing for a long while. The only security you have in a job is how […]

snap. snap. snap.

Brian was pretty low-key throughout the planning process over the last year (I mean, he’s pretty low key all the time, but still). One thing he did request we follow: he wanted to make sure we had a great photographer. Um, no brainer, I thought. But he had his reasons. So, the search began. Tamara […]

the list.

November already? As if – it’s almost the end of November already. Days are flying by, and the countdown to the big day gets smaller and smaller. So many events have happened since I started going to yoga again (has it been 2 months already?) that I’m sitting here – ready for bed (at 9PM) […]

the art of growing

Today I went to the first yoga class I’ve been to in a long while. I sweat (it was a hot yoga class), I slipped (mat hadn’t been cleaned in a while) and I squeezed (the core). It was a class with meditation, which is also something I’ve been managing to keep up (off and […]

budgets + business

It’s been a crazy few weeks and it’s only just recently hit me that this wedding is like … a few months away and I still haven’t managed to fill out the “love story” section of this website. Oops. But things are happening. Pretty much a week after the proposal, I realized I wanted to […]

vendor shopping

Recently, I found out that one of the vendors I’d met with while shopping a service a few months ago, and ultimately didn’t choose, unfollowed me and my business on all social media. I was taken aback. After all, this same person was someone I’d met with over a year ago and I gave her […]

the end of writer’s block

I’m sitting here feeling like I’ve got writer’s block and then realizing I’ve felt like I’ve had writer’s block for several years. Where did I come from, I wonder? Probably a lack of practice, really. I’ve gotten excited about creating this blog, to document the journey to our wedding day combined with the slow switch […]