Going the Distance

We’re going to Hawaii in a little less than two weeks, and while planning slowly for what seemed to be very relaxing and well-deserved Babymoon, has turned into a somewhat nerve-wracking worst timing-ever for a trip that it could be. B hates flying and is nervous about our trip in the first place – and […]

and then there were two days left

So, clearly I had visions that weren’t exactly met with this blog. Writing almost daily, learning, providing tips to other entrepreneurial brides were just some of the reasons I wanted to start this – still do. Still have the list I’ve been adding to, and adding to, ready for fabulous topics after the wedding (when this blog […]

the list.

November already? As if – it’s almost the end of November already. Days are flying by, and the countdown to the big day gets smaller and smaller. So many events have happened since I started going to yoga again (has it been 2 months already?) that I’m sitting here – ready for bed (at 9PM) […]

the end of writer’s block

I’m sitting here feeling like I’ve got writer’s block and then realizing I’ve felt like I’ve had writer’s block for several years. Where did I come from, I wonder? Probably a lack of practice, really. I’ve gotten excited about creating this blog, to document the journey to our wedding day combined with the slow switch […]