Going the Distance

We’re going to Hawaii in a little less than two weeks, and while planning slowly for what seemed to be very relaxing and well-deserved Babymoon, has turned into a somewhat nerve-wracking worst timing-ever for a trip that it could be.

B hates flying and is nervous about our trip in the first place – and every opportunity that something comes up, he’s asked, “are you sure we should go to Hawaii” and my answer remains the same: yes.

He’s a worry-wart. Sometimes, it’s one of the things I love most about him, other times – frustration. He felt the same when we went to Guatemala and now says it was his favourite trip we’ve ever went on so I’m banking on the fact that the more he resists this trip, the more he’ll absolutely love it.

He’s always looking out for us, I’m always trying to bring some adventure into our lives as our day-to-day lives get more routine and a little more boring. This is what make us work so well!

So firstly, I’ll be 25 and 26 weeks pregnant over the course of our trip to Hawaii and B just is so nervous were going to have this baby in the states and be bankrupted. So, I scoured the internet to find appropriate travel insurance to cover all costs should that extremely unlikely event happen: Done.

That was a non-exciting few hours in which I was truly baffled as to how many insurance companies even offer insurance – and then make sure your new pre-mature child isn’t covered on the plan – which would defeat the purpose in the first place.

Note: if you’re flying somewhere and want similar insurance: go with Blue Cross Insurance. This was the only company that cares to ensure your child has pre-natal care immediately after it’s born to give it a chance to survive (for pre-mature births). It was a mere $50 CDN for a two week trip and offers $5 million in insurance covered in the awful event you’d be having to deal with that on a Babymoon.

Other companies definitely cover the pregnant mom, in certain weeks of pregnancy, but once the baby was out – it was no longer covered as it would be a different person. So your care would be taken care of, but not that of your newborn. Unacceptable.

My only regret in the process of insurance hunting is not taking the name of the representative at Manulife who balked at my inquiries about travelling when pregnant. He mentioned “if it were his wife, he wouldn’t take the chance because he knew that no insurance company covers the child after birth” thanks for the opinion, bucko, just read me the fine print on the policies and let’s call it day. I wanted to call him back and explain that he should be more assertive with research if he wanted to do fun things while his wife was pregnant, but alas.

Blue Cross, on the other hand, was friendly, helpful and actually couldn’t understand other companies that wouldn’t cover new babies. What would be the point of the insurance? I agree.

Our view from within our VRBO rental

After that hurdle and focusing on finding suitable accommodations for our trip via VRBO, I finally felt able to relax and start planning out our days and menus (because it’s Hawaii – AKA the most expensive US state to vacation in – we’ll be making a lot of our meals at the vacation property) and decent restaurant choices (you know, because I can’t have good sushi there).


And because the Gods of Travel want to test my patience and strategic figuring out of things, no less than 30 days after just receiving occupancy on our new Condo in Hamilton, do we get notified that it’s now ready for title closing and we have 30 days to complete our mortgage documents and prep.


Our Condo’s Front Lobby – Royal Connaught, Hamilton, Ontario

Our condo closes 24 hours after we return from our trip, and we’re gone for about 12 days of the time we have to get our shit together, so it just makes everything super hairy in regard to timing. Fabulous.

B is in the middle of an audit, and is scrambling to complete all his work for his 9-5 while checking text messages from me that update him on the following:

  • Calls/emails to our lawyer
  • Calls/emails to our mortgage broker
  • Calls/emails to our realtor
  • Calls/emails to our accountant
  • Our 2018 Tax situation (one feature of being an entrepreneur is that banks don’t really like you all that much when it comes to borrowing money so while we’ve already gone through hoops to get approved for this upcoming mortgage, one of the conditions was having a new set of yearly taxes completed – now due in a month).

What this stress is doing to my unborn child, I don’t know, but my blood pressure remains a consistent 110/65 so I feel it’s learning how to handle itself with all the pressures of everyday life piling up.

Despite finally purchasing a Snoogie this week, I’ve had the worst sleep of my entire pregnancy and now fear I’m entering the tough part of carrying this baby and the extra weight.

It’s 5 AM and I’ve been up since 3:30 AM, unable to sleep, unable to get comfortable and instead writing this blog to hopefully get my stresses out and get grounded on the biggest set of First World Problems I’ve ever dealt with in my life.

I know through it all, things work out. I know we’ll have a great time on this trip – even though I’ll be forced to be on WIFI for most of it figuring out the mortgage stuff, but you do what you have to do to.

When we come back, it’ll be March 11 and we’ll be closing in on a year of being married and I can’t believe the year’s flown by so fast and so many things have changed within this year:

  • We bought the home we live in Etobicoke.
  • We will have closed this condo we purchased in 2017.
  • We will be rounding out the second trimester of our first baby and prepping for its arrival.

It’ll hopefully be Spring.

Stay tuned next week, when we are using Family Day weekend to clean out the spare bedroom and make our baby’s furniture and dresser.