new homes new babies

Things have been crazy for the last little while, to say the least. For the most part, I’m handling the busyness quite well, but every day, I’m more and more grateful I have the help I do from Danielle at The White Book Company with the planning of this wedding.

Basically, I needed to do one thing: think about what we wanted for the wedding – and then Pinterest it (re: I made the choices, show B, and he approves or calmly says “sure, I like it”.) From there, Danielle has taken my “vision” (if I can even call it that) and has turned it into possibilities and I’m in wonderment.

For me, being the client, I get to have meetings with her, explain what I found, looked at, thinking about – and she remembers, has it ready to go and there as a choice upon my next consultation. I cannot tell you the lack of stress I’m feeling right now because of this help.

I’ve been helping with my sister’s baby shower (which, I guess, technically I should be throwing for her, but she doesn’t work that way) and the amount of working in party planning is crazy – and I really haven’t done anything.

But it’s so fun, when you end up with this (ya, ya, bad lighting – Simply Elaborate’s Instagram would be horrified):

Looking at it this morning, while in the calm before the storm, I’m just still in a bit of shock that my sister is having a baby. So weird.

I guess it’s officially official, we’re growing up.

This week, B and I also bought a condo in Hamilton to jump on the Hamilton bandwagon and I’m super excited about it. So many things are changing and happening so fast I know the wedding will be here in a flash.

Here’s a sneak peek of our new lobby (in 2019, but you get the idea).