snap. snap. snap.

Brian was pretty low-key throughout the planning process over the last year (I mean, he’s pretty low key all the time, but still). One thing he did request we follow: he wanted to make sure we had a great photographer.

Um, no brainer, I thought. But he had his reasons. So, the search began.

Tamara was on my short list as I was familiar with her work, I’d met Tamara before at a friend’s wedding, and for some reason (and I don’t know how or why) we were actually Facebook friends. Big surprise, I’d probably creeped her in preparation years before, knowing myself.

Brian and I met her one day after work, and we toured the grounds to find cute indoor backup spots in case March 24th was filled with rain. She didn’t shy away from the potential darkness, almost seemed excited about the challenge if it happened.

One of the things we really liked about Tamara is that she is just, genuinely, sincerely very nice. Working at Sick Kids as a nurse not because she has to, but because she doesn’t want to give up her place helping children. Swoon.

If you know me, you know I have a soft spot for Sick Kids. It’s where I spent a good portion of the year 2000 visiting my friend Anna while she battled chemotherapy. I still remember the faces of all the nurses who were with her, every day, cheering her on and keeping spirits up.

Tamara’s talent and personality are what shone through on our meeting but having someone who walks the walls of Sick Kids, to me, was a weird, bittersweet bonus of the day.

I was constantly asked if all the people who were vendors at the wedding were my friends, Tamara was one right from the start. When she opened the doors with a smile on Saturday morning, she greeted me and everyone with open arms and excitement. Boy, this woman loves her profession – loves it. And it was such a great start to the day.

From a business perspective, I loved Tamara’s laid out packages – for me, during a time when I was finalizing mine – it was so helpful to see.

As our photographer was one of our first contracts signed, it really started the process for me to learning what it is a client is looking for, and as I’m not often “the client” I got to really get clear on the experiences I wanted and expected from my potential vendors.

I loved the simplicity and clarity of her packages, questionnaires and follow-ups – it made it so easy to make our decision. The level of service we received in emails and meetings gave me a clear glimpse of what we’d receive on the day of.

Of course, nothing compared to the day of – when we were just amazed at the flow and fun of the whole day. Smiling, encouraging, happy and kind – she and her team were on it. I loved it.

After our engagement shoot, Brian and I took her out for a beer and got down and dirty chatting about being an engaged bride, prices for weddings, and juggling it all while running a business (Brian loved this convo, promise) – and it felt so good on so many levels to have that level of understanding.

All in all, we received over 1200 photos, neatly ordered and sorted and I’m already planning the second shoot in our backyard with our cats and wedding gear all over again. Yes, I’m planning that.

Check her out online: