the list.

November already? As if – it’s almost the end of November already. Days are flying by, and the countdown to the big day gets smaller and smaller.

So many events have happened since I started going to yoga again (has it been 2 months already?) that I’m sitting here – ready for bed (at 9PM) unsure of what to write about first.

Things That Have Gone On – Personal/Wedding/Work Wise:

  • B became an uncle again, to a cutie named Charlie
  • I became an aunt four days later to another cutie named Leonardo
  • Both these events happened before my last post and it didn’t even dawn on me to write about them (bad Auntie/Zia/Tia)
  • I booked my makeup with the lovely Dawna Boot (so freakin’ excited – she’s the best in the biz)
  • I also have the pleasure of creating her new website and it’s going to look amazing (stay tuned for it!)
  • Booked my cake, but not the flavour
  • My dress came in, we’re adding sleeves. Don’t tell B. It looks stunning (if I do say so myself)
  • I started up with my personal trainer again to get me set for the big day (meaning: alterations)
  • I went to Texas, visited a friend and went to a blogger conference for a weekend.
  • Friend’s cat peed in my new suitcase (was replaced lovingly).
  • Shower is booked, planned, RSVPs have all come in (happening on Sunday)
  • My spare bedroom looks like a bomb went off with bridal shower gifts and boxes strewn about (the cats love ‘em – this door is permanently closed)
  • I’ve completed the design for my wedding invites, rsvp cards, accommodation – but haven’t ordered them or done the dreaded envelopes.
  • We’ve chosen the upgrades in our condo in Hamilton and we’ve been told they’re ahead of schedule – um – surprise?
  • My day-of gift for B has been purchased. I found a fabulous deal and something beautiful. Because of said deal, I feel like I cheaped out and have been looking to add-on. Eye roll.
  • Joined a mastermind group of women entrepreneurs in similar spots in their businesses – set to encouraging each other with our goals and aspirations.
  • I finally put up pictures in our living room (this is a half-truth, as I’ve printed photos ready for framing but have not purchased said frames).
  • Re-vamped and launched my new website featuring custom WordPress themes, a sign up for a new website course and a fabulous opt-in system – but have not marketed it.
  • We’ve launched 12 new client websites in the last three months.
  • I’m just going to let that sit on my fingertips for a moment.
  • Officially applied for an intern and have been told they’re still interning in January despite not having been to any school for 5 weeks.
  • Changed my process at work and no longer allow texts from clients (this may seem obvious – but this is huge for me).
  • I now go to sleep at 9:30PM weeknights and I’ve gotta say – I’m in love with it.
  • I no longer work past 5 or 6 weeknights, sometimes earlier on yoga days. I’ve never been more productive.
  • Received the questionnaires from our officiant (the wonderful Linda Stuart) and can’t wait to get started on them.
  • B and I have gone on 4 dates in the last few months, and I wouldn’t even be able to tell you what they were. This is a pathetic fact, but I’m more in love than ever anyway.
  • It’s our 4-year anniversary in two weeks and it baffles my mind that it’s been that long, feels like no time at all.

If you’ve managed to make it all the way down here, thank you. Thank you for the support and encouragement and allowing me this space to write what is swimming in my head. There’s a lot going on – so much more than just this wedding that sometimes I feel like I’m not entirely enjoying the process. But others, I really am (save those days I spent hours on looking a belly bands that match my colour and font choices – what’s happened with my life?).

I’m trying to think of everything because there are only little details, that don’t seem to matter, but on the day of – they are the things I will notice most.

Now that I have Dawna Boot walking with me all day, I won’t be afraid to cry, either.